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The best SPR technology


Surface Plasmon Resonance


Surface Plasmon Resonance technology has a huge potential when it comes to high sensitive measurements. Our work has created applications in the biomedical area. The patented method for SPR Imaging improve the sensitivity and productivity while performing measurements.


SPR Imaging


Our method are using a SPR technology with an imaging technique that is unique.


It is possible to measure thousands of spots simultaneaously with high sensitivity.


It is also possible to measure the spatial binding concentration over individual spots, especiallay for few spots. With this technique an outstanding sensitivity can be achieved.


By using multi spectral SPR imaging, or color SPR imaging, we achieve higher sensitivity at the same time as we increase the dynamic range with better linearity..


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Surface Plasmon Resonance

- high sensitivity applications


The SPR technology is well known as a high sensitivity technique. With multi spectral imaging we creates opportunities to use smaller molecules, lower concentrations, and lower affinity, to mention a few benefits,


The innovation also enhances the possibility to use low immobilistaion levels to avoid mass transport problems.


You even get the possibility to use different immobilisation levels in the same run with maximum sensitivity.